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Anton Zamov - More than 5 years professional experience with PHP and MySQL

Free PHP examples written by Anton Zamov

How to define variable-level constants?
How to check if a function has already been defined?
How to get the list of available databases on your MySQL server?
How to get string length?
Can I access Microsoft Access databases?
How to access information in the request header directly?
How to create a simple WAP page using PHP?
How to open a zip file and read its contents?
How do I create arrays in a HTML <form>?
Do the FTP extension for PHP comes as standard with all versions of PHP?
How to define an own error handling function for PHP to use instead of its default?
How to access Microsoft SQL Server from PHP?
PHP vs. Cold Fusion?
PHP vs. Perl?
How to get all the POST method variables are available?
How to use the parse_url function to parse an URL?
How to create a SESSION variable?
How to destroy the current session and any variables associated with it?
How to destroy the variables associated with a session in 4.0.6 and below?
How to remove symbols which are not digits from a string?
How to write a regular expression which validates an email address?
How to get the number of affected rows in previous MySQL operation?
How to delete an entire MySQL database?
How to get the number of fields in a MySQL result?
How to check for special symbols in the user input?
How to know when the data in MySQL table was last updated?
How to write a function which ckecks if a specified file exists?
How to write to a file using PHP?
How to remove the file extension from a file name using PHP?
How to force the execution of PHP scripts in HTML files?
How to automatically detect the links in a text with PHP regular expression?
How to get the IP address of the visitor with PHP?
How to know from where the visitor came to your web site?
How to display the date in an appropriate format using PHP?
How to get information about the installed modules on your machine?
How to list all available server variables with PHP?
How to connect to MS SQL Server with PHP and execute sql queries?
How to make PHP cookies independant of the users clocks set right?
How to set up a function which will be called at the end of the execution of the PHP script?
What is a variable variable in PHP?
How to pass an argument to a function by reference in PHP?
How to ensure that a PHP file can not be executed directly but just included?
How to disable error reporting on a single expression?
How to change the root directory?
How to read a folder content?
How to count all the values of an array using the array_count_values PHP function?
How to get all the keys of an PHP array?
How can I pick one or several random values contained in a PHP array?
How to remove the duplicate values from a PHP array?
How to check if a particular value exist in a specified array?
How to get a line from file pointer and strip the HTML tags in single instruction?
How to get the content of a web page into a single string?
How to check if a specified filename is a directory?
How yo use call_user_func in PHP to call a function?
How to dump information for a PHP variable?
How to unset a global variable inside of a PHP function?
How to set explicitly the type of a PHP variable?
Is it possible in PHP to preserve the object methods when serializing the object?
How to check in PHP if a variable is a database result?
How to wrap a string to a given number of characters?
PHP Example: How to make the first character in a string uppercase?
PHP Example: How to strip the whitespaces at the beginning and the end of a string?
PHP Example: How to count the number of substring occurencies?
PHP Example: How to translate certain characters in a string to other specified characters?
PHP Example: How to tokenize a string?
PHP Example: How to reverse a string?
PHP free example: How to pad a string with another string?
How to strip the PHP and HTML tags from a string?
PHP Example: How to calculate the similarity between two texts in percents?

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Anton Zamov is a software engineer with more than 4 years of active professional experience in development of web interfaces and solutions using PHP. Here are presented some of the software solutions and products created by Anton Zamov, if you have questions concerning these solutions please contact me.

Web Site Manager v2.1 (French edition available only)

A new improved version of the old solution Web Site Manager v1.1 (see description below) with a lot of new functionality for managing the web site structure (add new pages, rearrange them etc), coming standard with a search engine and others. (Currently this solution is available only in French)

Web Site Manager v1.1 (PHP application) - The ultimate tool for managing and supporting web sites

With its WYSIWYG interface, it has never been easier to create or modify existing web pages. Don't spend more money to web agencies when you need changes to the content of your web site, gain time and money with the this new, one of the most advanced web products worldwide.

Read more about Web Site Manager v1.1

iBoutique v3.0 - Putting the internet to work for your business

iBoutique v3.0 is an improved version of the previous versions of the iBoutique e-commerce solution written in PHP&MySQL. Today iBoutique v3.0 is a complete and one of the best e-commerce systems for selling goods in internet coming standard with a powerful back office application, giving the administrator of the web site full control over the online catalogue and the web site content, a lot of security features, custom web design, credit card validating utilities and many other features like mailing lists, contact information processing etc.

Read more about iBoutique v3.0 - example of a running e-commerce web site using iBoutique 3.0 (the e-commerce web site of K's BIG&TALL - US Company from Pennsylvania selling clothes)

EcomPHP - PHP & MySQL e-commerce solution created by Anton Zamov

This product present a basic PHP&MySQL solution which can be used to sell products and services via internet.

This is a basic solution however it combines powerful algorithms for credit card number verification and user tracking, the source code of the solution and the documentation are available for download (for more information send email to

Various custom content management systems created by Anton Zamov

Jobs Portal, poweful jobs board software

PHP Mall, multi vendors mall website software

Car Portal, php script for auto classifieds websites

NetArt Media, software products and services

Real Estate Portal, web software for real estate portals

Blog System, multi user blog hosting script

PHP Store, powerful e-commerce system written in PHP

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