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JobSite Professional 2.0 - powerful php and mysql product for running professional job websites

JobSite Professional is a web product (PHP & MySQL) for running powerful and customized professional job websites. It's template based, easy customizable and has a lot of features for the employers, jobseekers and administrators.

Please visit the Features page in order to find out more about the product features and the functionalities on the Jobseekers, Employers and Administrator pages.

You could find multiple demos with different templates on the Online Demos page.

iBoutique.MALL - advanced multi vendors php mall product

iBoutique.MALL is a powerful and flexible multi merchants php mall solution. It makes possible for the merchants to signup and create their online stores with ease. They could start selling their good within minutes without having any html knowledge. iBoutique.MALL offers a lot of useful functionalities for both merchants (to manage their product inventory and payments, invoice generation, statistics, ...) and administrators, to control the whole system.

Genome Visualizator - Powerful C# windows application for genetic visualizations created in 09/2004 by Anton Zamov

05/2004 - e-commerce web site launched (created for Transameropa by Anton Zamov)

The solution, is a complex web e-commerce solution (hundreds of pages) created by Anton Zamov for Transameropa SA. It is a custom e-commerce solution with many features and a lot of functionality which presents a classic online pharmacy. The running web shop could be visited at

Click here to read more about this project >>

11/2003 Thesaurus tool - Web application with Windows look and feel interface? ... Yes, it's possible!

Created by Anton Zamov at MetaGen Bulgaria, this tool is based on the DHTML Windows library "ZXWin 1.0" developed by Anton Zamov.
The library allows the programmers to create web applications with DHTML Windows look and feel interfaces. If you are interested in this library or the creation of new DHTML server side web application, don't hesitate to contact me by sending me an email to or call me at +35998288448.

iBoutique v3.0 - Putting the internet to work for your business

iBoutique v3.0 is created by Anton Zamov (server side programmer, client side programmer and db developer) and Desislava Krysteva (project assistant).
Today iBoutique v3.0 is a complete and one of the best e-commerce systems for selling goods in internet coming standard with a powerful back office application, giving the administrator of the web site full control over the online catalogue and the web site content, a lot of security features, custom web design, credit card validating utilities and many other features like mailing lists, contact information processing etc.
Different payment processing features could be used with iBoutique as POS or virtual card terminals etc. iBoutique could also work with some of the most popular payment systems worldwide as PayPal and others. (if you wish to use a payment system/solution which is currently not supported by iBoutique 3.0 we'll implement it and include it in the solution for free)

Click here to read more information about iBoutique v3.0 - example of a running e-commerce web site using iBoutique 3.0 (the e-commerce web site of K's BIG&TALL - US Company from Pennsylvania selling clothes)

Web Site Manager v1.1 - The ultimate tool for managing and supporting web sites

With its WYSIWYG interface, it has never been easier to create or make changes in existing web sites. Don't spend more money to web agencies when you need changes in the content of your web site, gain time and money with the this new and one of the most advanced web products worldwide created by Anton Zamov (server side programmer, client side programmer and db developer) and Desislava Krysteva (project assistant).

Click here to read more about Web Site Manager v1.1

14/04/2003 Zamov CreditCardValidator v2.0

I am proud to present you Zamov CreditCardValidator v2.0 - a credit card validation solution written in C# , which checks to see if the credit card number matches the expected format. Currently CreditCardValidator has 4 main methods (to set and get the credit card number, to get the credit card type (VISA, MASTERCARD etc), to check if the number is valid, and to get the error message). The Zamov CreditCardValidator can be very easy integrated in ASP.NET e-commerce solutions or more complex C# applications.
You can download for free the Zamov CreditCardValidator, by downloading this solution you agree with the copyright notice and you accept full responsibility for its use and will not hold Anton Zamov, liable for damages of any sort.

Example of use of CreditCardValidator v2.0:

CreditCard.Validator creditCardValidator=new CreditCard.Validator();


private bool isCreditCardNumberValid=creditCardValidator.isValid();
// isCreditCardNumberValid=True in this example

private string creditCardType= creditCardValidator.getType();
// creditCardType="Visa" in this example

private string errorMessage= creditCardValidator.getError();
// errorMessage=" " in this example

For detailed information / source code or if you want customized or more complex credit card validation / e-commerce solution in ASP.NET / J2EE / PHP please contact me by sending me an email at or phone me at +35998288448.

05/03/2003 Meta Genome Viewer v2.0

The Meta Genome Viewer is the most powerfull web solution for displaying genetic information. It combines high quality vector graphics (rendered with VML- Vector Markup Language) and the latest technologies for web development, (ASP.NET for accessing and sending genomic data to the client, and DHTML to control and load asynchronouslly XML data). This product is created by Anton Zamov at MetaGen Bulgaria, for more information about MetaGen please visit, for detailed information about MGV v2.0 and latest product information please visit

10/02/2003 AVCS Chat System 1.0

Avcs Chat system is a Java solution which consist of a java application chat server and a client for exchanging messages with the other clients connected to the system. Some of the more important features of AVCS is the possibility to work on any platform with JVM installed, full statistics for user operations, high security and advanced features like groups atorization, java swing gui and many others. AVCS Chat System is created by Anton Zamov.


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PHP Mall, multi vendors mall website software

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Blog System, multi user blog hosting script

PHP Store, powerful e-commerce system written in PHP

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