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Anton Zamov -More than 3 years professional experience with JAVA

Free Java examples written by Anton Zamov

How to load a flat file in a MySQL database?
How to connect to a SQL Server database using JDBC?
Regular Expression Search and Replace Example
How to list all the files in a directory?
How to connect to a MySQL database using JDBC?
How to create a zip file?
How to export a MySQL Table to a Flat File?
How to get data from a resultset?
How to Apply Regular Expressions on the Contents of a File?
How to run an SQL Select query using JDBC?
How to send an email using javax.mail?
How to serialize an object?
How to read text from a file?
How to append a text to a file?
How list all loaded JDBC drivers and gets information about each one?
How to write to a file?

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Some java applets & applications written by Anton Zamov

The 3d molecule viewer, created by Anton Zamov, is java applet which uses .pdb file-s describing particular protein structure to present the structure in 3d format online.

AVCS Chat System (currently available only in French)
Avcs Chat system is a Java solution which consist of a java application chat server and a client for exchanging messages with the other clients connected to the system. Some of the most important features of AVCS is the possibility to work on any platform with JVM installed, full statistics for user operations, high security and advanced features like group management, java swing Gui and many others. AVCS Chat System is created by Anton Zamov in january '2003.

Avcs Server short statistics screen shot:

Avcs Client screen shot:

Jobs Portal, poweful jobs board software

PHP Mall, multi vendors mall website software

Car Portal, php script for auto classifieds websites

NetArt Media, software products and services

Real Estate Portal, web software for real estate portals

Blog System, multi user blog hosting script

PHP Store, powerful e-commerce system written in PHP

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