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Anton Zamov - More than 4 years professional experience with Perl

Perl is one of my favorite programming languages, I started working with Perl since the summer of 1999. Since then I have written many useful programs (for example a program which converts MySQL dumps to MS SQL Server queries and many others), you can download for free the source code of some of them from this site.

Perl is an acronym for "Practical Extraction and Report Language".
It is an interpreted language that is optimized for string manipulation, I/O, and system tasks. It has builtins for almost everything that's in section 2 of the UNIX manuals, which makes it very popular with system administrators. It incorporates syntax elements from the Bourne shell, csh, awk, sed, grep, and C.
Perl has gained recent attention in the explosion of the World Wide Web as a quick and effective way to mock up applications that provide much of the web's interactivity. It has a lot of syntax that can make scripts contain more characters from the top row of the keyboard than any other, but that is not necessary to get anything done. In fact, there are few of the traditional limitations that interpreted languages impose.

Useful Perl examples written by Anton Zamov

How to count the sum in bytes of all the files contained in a folder?
How do I get the length of a string?
How to do replacement in a string using regular expression?
List of Perl pattern match variables
How do I create or remove (delete) a series of directories?
How to read data from the Windows event log?
Perl regular expressions character classes
How to create a program whose input is a piped in directory command and whose output is stdout, and whose output represents a batch file which copies every file (not directory) older than specific date?
How to assign the lines contained in a text file to an array?
Regular expressions, using wildcards?
How to strip HTML tags with an regular expression?
How do I recurse through the files in a directory tree?
Information for some special symbols in Perl regular expressions.
How to read the content of a web page as a string?
How do I loop through/list the files in a directory?
How to declare and call a subroutine in Perl?
How do I read an entire file as a string?
How to find what Perl manpages are available on your system?
How to find what functions perl has?
What is the difference between do() and require() in Perl?
How to get a Perl script start time?
How to catch exceptions with eval in Perl?
How to write a simple exception handler function in Perl

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Free versions of Perl programs written by Anton Zamov is program which allows you to convert a directory containing MySQL dumps (for example CREATE TABLE statements of a database) into one file containg the MS SQL SERVER query which creates a database with the same structure. This program is the first one I've written for this purpose in the summer of 2002, since then I' have rewritten it in C# to create a windows application which converts MySQL databases to MS SQL Server- if you want to download this program for free please send me a request from the "Consulting" page from this web site. is a Perl program which uses the power of the Perl regular expressions to convert SVG XML-based vector graphics to VML. The SVG to VML converter is a very useful program if you want to switch between SVG to VML and to publish your vector graphics in internet without any plug-in using VML (VML - Vector Markup Language, currently supported by IE5+) .

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