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Anton Zamov - C# developer since 02/2002

Free C# examples written by Anton Zamov

How to monitor the network performance using Performance counter?
How to the disk size and the free disk space?
How to get the host name from an IP address?
How to get all the processes in Microsoft SQL Server and store them in DataSet?
How to use SaveFileDialog to save text files?
How to iterate through the selected values of a ListView object?
How to get information for the system processes?
How to create a context menu and attach it to a control?
How to launch an instance of the default browser and load a web page in it?
How to send \" NET SEND \" messages ( Windows 2000 & Windows XP only )?
How to get the active processes running in Microsoft SQL Server database?
How to get the available RAM and the Cpu usage in percents?
How to get a list of IP addresses associated with a host?
How to read / download the content of a web page using C# and store it in a file?
How to read the HTML content of a web page and store it in a string?
How to strip the HTML tags from text with C# and Regular expression?
C# example: How to read an Excel file with OleDb and a simple SQL query?
C# How to sort files by their creation date?
How to use the static Regex.Split() to split strings in C# ?
C# Regular expressions: Example of creation of Groups and using Group classes

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Anton Zamov is a software engineer with more than 3 years of active professional experience in development of software products and solutions using C#. Here are presented some of the C# software solutions and products created by Anton Zamov, if you have questions concerning these solutions please contact me.

Genome Visualizator - Powerful C# windows application for genetic visualizations created in 09/2004 by Anton Zamov

Statistical Experiments Profiler

Windows Application written in C# The software provides a computational and graphical environment for storing, preprocessing, analyzing, clustering and saving results from microarray experiments. The program can organize and analyze the data in a number of different ways dedicated to helping researchers design and analyze expression profiling experiments to generate high-quality, statistically sound, and biologically interesting results.

Genome Comparison Software
Software for analysis and comparison of genomes. Created at Metagen in '2004.

EST Viewer - The viewer visualizes information for EST and clusters. Created at Metagen in '2004.

Genome Visualizator - Powerful C# windows application for genetic visualizations created in 09/2004 by Anton Zamov

Office Manager v2.0 - C# Windows standalone application

A new improved version of the old solution Office Manager v1.0 (see description below) with much more new functionality.

Office Manager v1.0 - C# Windows standalone application

Office Manager v1.0 is a C# Windows standalone application created by Anton Zamov (main programmer) and Desislava Krysteva (project assistant) in november/december '2003. The main features of the application are the possibility to work with MS Access databases, export in native Excel, printing utilities, manage the information and many others. Read more about Office Manager v1.0

Download Manager v1.0

A software for automatic database update (download+treatement of the information). Currently working with a set of 21 biological databases.

MetaGen Upload Manager - C# Windows standalone application

The Upload Manager is a C# Windows standalone application with Microsoft Office 2003 design interface created by Anton Zamov at MetaGen Bulgaria in october/november '2003. The main features of the Upload Manager, are the management and upload of files to a Windows web server, validation of files, and many others. If you have questions about the application please contact me.

Zamov CreditCardValidator v2.0 - .NET assembly

The CreditCardValidator is a Windows library which allows to check credit card numbers for validity and give additional information for the credit card type and others.
Currently CreditCardValidator has 4 main methods (to set and get the credit card number, to get the credit card type (VISA, MASTERCARD etc), to check if the number is valid, and to get the error message). The Zamov CreditCardValidator can be very easy integrated in ASP.NET e-commerce solutions or more complex C# applications.
You can download for free the Zamov CreditCardValidator, by downloading this solution you agree with the copyright notice and you accept full responsibility for its use and will not hold Anton Zamov, liable for damages of any sort.

Example of use of CreditCardValidator v2.0:

CreditCard.Validator creditCardValidator=new CreditCard.Validator();


private bool isCreditCardNumberValid=creditCardValidator.isValid();
// isCreditCardNumberValid=True in this example

private string creditCardType= creditCardValidator.getType();
// creditCardType="Visa" in this example

private string errorMessage= creditCardValidator.getError();
// errorMessage=" " in this example

For detailed information / source code or if you want customized or more complex credit card validation / e-commerce solution in ASP.NET / J2EE / PHP please contact me.

Jobs Portal, poweful jobs board software

PHP Mall, multi vendors mall website software

Car Portal, php script for auto classifieds websites

NetArt Media, software products and services

Real Estate Portal, web software for real estate portals

Blog System, multi user blog hosting script

PHP Store, powerful e-commerce system written in PHP

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