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View some examples of ASP.NET web applications created by Anton Zamov

Anton Zamov - ASP.NET developer since 02/2002

ASP.NET is a unified Web development platform that provides the services necessary for developers to build enterprise-class Web applications. ASP.NET also provides a new programming model and infrastructure that enables a powerful new class of applications. ASP.NET is a compiled .NET-based environment; you can author applications in any .NET compatible language, including Visual Basic, C# and JScript. Additionally, the entire .NET Framework is available to any ASP.NET application. Developers can easily access the benefits of these technologies, which include a managed Common Language Runtime environment, type safety, inheritance, and so on.
I started to program in ASP.NET since the summer of 2002. One of my best ASP.NET solution is the Meta Genome Viewer ( created by myself for MetaGen Bulgaria. The Genome Viewer is a web application (see demo at, the fully functional version is at which server side is entirely written in ASP.NET, the client side uses the latest technologies ( DHTML + VML ) to control the data flow and to display vector graphics in internet without any plug-in and with remarkable fastness.

Examples - ASP.NET Credit card validation solution written by Anton Zamov

Zamov CreditCardValidator v2.0

I am proud to present you Zamov CreditCardValidator v2.0 - a credit card validation solution written in C# by Anton Zamov , which checks to see if the credit card number matches the expected format. Currently CreditCardValidator has 4 main methods (to set and get the credit card number, to get the credit card type (VISA, MASTERCARD etc), to check if the number is valid, and to get the error message). The Zamov CreditCardValidator can be very easy integrated in ASP.NET e-commerce solutions or more complex C# applications.

Example of use of CreditCardValidator v2.0:

CreditCard.Validator creditCardValidator=new CreditCard.Validator();


private bool isCreditCardNumberValid=creditCardValidator.isValid();
// isCreditCardNumberValid=True in this example

private string creditCardType= creditCardValidator.getType();
// creditCardType="Visa" in this example

private string errorMessage= creditCardValidator.getError();
// errorMessage=" " in this example

For detailed information / source code or if you want customized or more complex credit card validation / e-commerce solution in ASP.NET / J2EE / PHP please contact me.

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