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Anton Zamov - One of the most experienced VML developers worldwide

VML Examples written by Anton Zamov

What is Vector Markup Language (VML)?
How to draw a rectangle with a linear sigma fill?
How to create a VML scale?
How to create a basic VML rectangle with gradient fill?
How to create a VML gradient background for a web page?
I am trying to render some VML graphics but nothing shows up, why?
JavaScript function which renders a VML grid

Genome Viewer - The most complex VML tool worldwide (created by Anton Zamov)

The Genome Viewer, created by Anton Zamov at MetaGen Bulgaria, is the most powerful web solution for displaying genetic information. It combines high quality vector graphics (rendered with VML- Vector Markup Language) and the latest technologies for web development, (ASP.NET for accessing and sending genomic data to the client, and DHTML to control and load asynchronously XML data).

Jobs Portal, poweful jobs board software

PHP Mall, multi vendors mall website software

Car Portal, php script for auto classifieds websites

NetArt Media, software products and services

Real Estate Portal, web software for real estate portals

Blog System, multi user blog hosting script

PHP Store, powerful e-commerce system written in PHP

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