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Curriculum vitae (CV) of Anton Zamov


WEB DEVELOPMENT (Client side technologies)

HTML4 - Excellent knowledge level
• More than 30 websites created (See examples on
• Excellent knowledge level of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2) and DHTML
• Excellent knowledge level of the major web browsers differences

JavaScript - Excellent knowledge level
• Guru knowledge level of Jscript and JavaScript, more than 6 years of active professional experience (See example of a client side web solution created by myself, click here)
• Strong experience in creation of dynamic web GUI (See examples on or click here)

Graphic Design for Web - Excellent Knowledge Level
• I have created the graphic design for more than 20 websites, read more and see examples
• Excellent knowledge level of VML (Vector Markup Language), and deploying vector graphics on the web (example of VML web solution, click here)
• Good knowledge level of PhotoShop and other graphic software
• Web marketing in graphic design

WEB DEVELOPMENT (Server side technologies)

J2EE - Good Knowledge level
• I have created “Virtual Free Market” (JSP&JDBC) – website with versions in Bulgarian and English (see websites on )
• JavaMail – Some non professional websites for sending sms messages based on Java Mail; experience with Tomcat

PHP - Excellent Knowledge level
• Multiple products and solutions created - content management systems, e-commerce solutions, mail clients and many others (See some of the latest solutions and products on the home page of
• Strong Experience in PHP & MySQL web development, more than 5 years of active professional experience
• - complex PHP & MySQL e-commerce web solution created by Anton Zamov in '2004 for Transameropa online pharmacy, read more
• Blog System - Complex bogging platform software solution, read more - a powerful web based CMS providing a long list of advanced features, please visit the website for more details. Multiple sites created with custom modules, extensions or based on WebSiteAdmin like for example ....
• - e-commerce solution based on iBoutique 3.0, created by Anton Zamov for K's Big&Tall, Pennsylvania, USA read more
• WAP e-commerce system (PHP), created by Anton Zamov for S-concept Singapore, read more
• - The solution was created by Anton Zamov for an artists community in the United States. The solution gives the possibility to the visitors to buy directly from the website the presented art works. read more
- read more
• - A dynamic web solution based on Web Site Manager, read more
• Cellpak dynamic PHP web solution created by Anton Zamov in '2003 for Cellpak Australia read more
• - - Custom PHP & MySQL web solution created by Anton Zamov in '2004 in cooperation with Netinov France, read more)
• In '2003 I have created iBoutique v3.0, an advanced PHP e-commerce solution with custom payment processing system and a lot of other features. (you may read more information and see list of running websites in internet using iBoutique v3.0 by clicking here)
• I have created Web Site Manager v1.1 in '2003, an advanced PHP product for creating and supporting existing websites. (Please read detailed description of Web Site Manager v1.1, click here)
• I have created “Le portail web francophone bulgare” – Bulgarian web portal in French ( project for French Embassy in Bulgaria with search engine, own crawler, members area, etc… -
• In '2002 I've finished the development of EcomPHP, a PHP e-commerce solution, read more

ASP - Good Knowledge level
• Experience in ASP&MS Access web development (VBScript)
• I have created one of the most popular Bulgarian dating websites in '2001 (ASP 3.0 & MS Access)
• Database connections optimization (MS Access from web)

ASP.NET Excellent Knowledge level
• Professional experience in creating .NET applications and products - e-commerce systems and bio informatics applications at Metagen Bulgaria
• Excellent knowledge level of C# and ASP.NET, more than 3 years of active professional experience
• I have created at Metagen Bulgaria one of the most advanced viewers worldwide for displaying genetic information on the web (ASP.NET solutions, read more)
• Since '2002 I have created at Metagen Bulgaria several ASP.NET web applications like Genome Viewer Web Edition, Interactor, Gene Analyzer and others and I've worked on the support of ASP.NET applications like Patent Viewer, Metagen Explorer, Protein Viewer, read more
• I have created iBoutique.NET , an advanced ASP.NET e-commerce solution including a lot of features like credit card validation, administration module and many others, read more


JAVA - Excellent knowledge level of JAVA 2
• Java 2 – more than 3 years experience in applet and standalone applications development
• I have created AVCS (Java solution which consist of a java application chat server and a client for exchanging messages, read more
• I have created an applet for 3D Molecular Structure Visualization (java applet which allow to visualize on internet 3D protein structures from PDB description files, read more
• I have created java applets and applications for communication via internet – chat and sms systems
• I have created applets for text and web effects (for demo visit “Java” on and )

C - Good knowledge level
• Experience in network programming (sockets, web servers, server-client technologies, network protocols programming)
• As a part of an international team (8 people) I’ve worked on the creation of UMF (network protocol for reliable multicast data transmission, I was responsible for the tree based multicast algorithms and the system part) - distributor of UMF, ARTABELL France
• XDR/RPC client server architectures
• Distribute programming
• Experience image treatment (especially in edge detection)

C# - Excellent knowledge level
• Statistical Experiments Profiler, a C# Windows standalone application (project completed in '2005). The software provides a computational and graphical environment for storing, preprocessing, analyzing, clustering and saving results from micro array experiments. Click
here to read more.
• Genome Comparison Software, written in C# at Metagen. This is a software for analysis and comparison of genomes, read more
• EST Viewer, a .NET Windows Application written in C# and completed in '2004 at Metagen, read more
• Genome Visualizator, a powerful C# windows application for genetic visualizations read more
• I have created Zamov Credit Card Validator - a powerful credit card validation solution written in C# , read more
• In '2003, I've finished the development of several C# Windows standalone applications like Office Manager, Upload Manager, Application Presenter and others
• I have created Download Manager - a software for automatic database update (download+treatement of the information). Currently working with a set of 21 biological databases, read more
• I have created NETCONTROL , a software solution for monitoring internet traffic from local network and control remote computers , read more

PERL - Good knowledge level
• 3 year professional experience (Perl is one of my favorite languages)
• I have created database converter between MySQL and MS SQL Server (Download from )
• I work on a project for converter between SVG and VML (the two most popular vector graphics format used in internet today)

• Experience in image treatment optimization
• I have worked on a project of edge detection optimization (implementation of the algorithm of Canny-Deriche) – internal project at ESIEE, Paris

VHDL (Hardware description languages)
• Experience with VHDL and microcircuits programming
• I have worked on a project for N-Counters optimization (VHDL) at ESIEE, Paris

• Experience with UNIX (especially HP-UNIX)
• Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP

• MySQL – excellent knowledge of MySQL, multiple projects (Visit "PHP" and “Databases” on
• MS SQL Server – good knowledge level of Transact SQL and database optimizations, I have created database converter between MySQL and MS SQL Server (Visit “Databases” on )
• Others – experience with Hypersonic SQL, MS Access, Sybase

• Wap Development – WML , WML Script (visit an example of WAP solutions, created by Anton Zamov in '2004, click here)
• Web Marketing (for detailed information visit “Web Marketing” on )
• Websites submission – optimizations for submission in the major crawler based search engines (Google, AltaVista etc)


PhD: Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria
Title of the Thesis: "Creating web based e-commerce systems in ASP.NET"

Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria (2003)
Graduated Engineer in "Computer Science and Telecommunications"
(Award for excellent results from the Technical University of Sofia)

ESIEE Paris (2001-2002) Ecole Superieure d’Ingenieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique
• ESIEE is one of the leading European engineer schools (this is the engineer school of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Paris)
• I have been admitted in ESIEE (Paris) after an international competition (scholarship of the French Government)

Technical University Sofia (1998-2001) French Department of Computer Sciences
• Specialization Computer Science and Telecommunications

French Language School (1993-1998) Plovdiv, Bulgaria
• 5 years in the French Language School in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Senior software developer (since 09.2005), NetArt Media Ltd.
• As senior software engineer, lead the company in the design, development and implementation of leading software products that embody the vision and mission of the company
• Responsible for all personnel matters, including hiring, training, and motivating the NetArt Media staff
• More information for NetArt Media is available on or +1-240-764-4672

Software engineer (01.2001-09.2005), Metagen Bulgaria Ltd.
• .NET Windows standalone applications development , like for example Statistical Experiments Profiler, Genome Comparison Software, EST Viewer and others
• Web development – creation of DHTML interfaces and web applications and solutions (Metagen is one of the European leaders in the bio informatics software solutions)
• Creation and support of the Metagen corporate websites
• ASP.NET developer – multiple projects (bio informatics products) using C# and ASP.NET (Please visit "Major Web Solutions" on
• Java Development – Tools for representation of biological data, like Java 3D viewers and others (

Web developer (11.2000-01.2001) , ACT Sofia Bulgaria
• Development of web applications for the State Agency of Energy and Energy Resources in Sofia, Bulgaria. (

Computer Operator (06.1998-08.1998) Information Services, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
• Populating a database for the GUDA , Bulgaria

Freelance developer (since 1998)
• Since 1998 I have worked on many projects as freelance developer, you may find some of the latest solutions and products created by myself on


• Research activities in .NET, web development technologies and ASP.NET while preparing my PhD in "Creating web based e-commerce systems in ASP.NET" at the Technical University of Sofia

Training Course of websites creation in Marseille, France (summer ‘2000)
• Training course for websites creation at the University of Aix-Marseille II
• I have worked on a project for creation of a web based guide for the students at the University of Aix-Marseille II


Code Access Security in .NET
Anton Zamov, Juliana Georgieva, Technical University Sofia 2005


International Competition CIME 2001 (AUF – French Government Agency for High Studies)
• I have won an international competition of the AUF and I have obtained a scholarship from the French Government (for making studies in one of the more prestigious French engineer schools)

French Embassy Bulgaria (French Institute Sofia) 2001
• I have won a competition from the French Institute in Sofia (French Embassy) with a project for website creation (see “Web design” on

French Embassy Bulgaria (French Institute Sofia) 1999
• Competition for having command of French language

• Bulgarian: native
• French: fluent
• English: fluent
• Russian: proficient
• Spanish: bases

For detailed information about myself, the projects and products I have created, please visit

References available on request

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Car Portal, php script for auto classifieds websites

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Real Estate Portal, web software for real estate portals

Blog System, multi user blog hosting script

PHP Store, powerful e-commerce system written in PHP

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