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iBoutique v3.0 - Putting the internet to work for your business

iBoutique v3.0 is created by Anton Zamov (server side programmer, client side programmer and db developer) and Desislava Krysteva (project assistant).

iBoutique v3.0 is an improved version of the previous versions of the iBoutique e-commerce solution written in PHP&MySQL. Today iBoutique v3.0 is a complete and one of the best e-commerce systems for selling goods in internet coming standard with a powerful back office application, giving the administrator of the web site full control over the online catalogue and the web site content, a lot of security features, custom web design, credit card validating utilities and many other features like mailing lists, contact information processing etc.
Different payment processing features could be used with iBoutique as POS or virtual card terminals etc. iBoutique could also work with some of the most popular payment systems worldwide as Pay Pal and others. (if you wish to use a payment system/solution which is currently not supported by iBoutique 3.0 we'll implement it and include it in the solution for free)

If you are interested in creating new e-commerce web site or integrating iBoutique v3.0 in your existing e-commerce solution, please contact me - example of a running e-commerce web site using iBoutique 3.0 (the e-commerce web site of K's BIG&TALL - US Company from Pennsylvania selling clothes)

K's BIG & TALL e-commerce web site based on iBoutique 3.0 uses Comodo® security certificates.

Some screenshots of the iBoutique v3.0 back office application and web sites where iBoutique v3.0 is integrated.

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