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NETCONTROL 1.2, a C# software solution for internet traffic monitoring created by Anton Zamov

NetControl is a product created by Anton Zamov in the spring of the '2003.
It's a windows application written in C# and using the advanced features of Microsoft .NET for network programming.

The main features of the product (version 1.2) are:
1. Monitor Internet traffic in a local network (operates mutually with Microsoft ISA - Internet Security and Acceleration Server)
2. Operates in real time and display Internet connections user statistics like total generated traffic per user, web sites visited by specific user for a given period of time, and many others.
3. Monitor and manage processes running in MS SQL Server databases on remote servers
4. Display information for the current local network and the possibility to explore remote networks.
5. Folder watching - possibility to watch for changes of files of specified folders on remote computers; this is very useful if you want to monitor and to control the content of folders and files.
6. Monitor system performance and providing information like the amount of the free RAM available or the CPU Usage of a remote computer.
7. Send network messages

Selecting a specific folder to be watched by the NetControl Watcher

Displaying current internet requests.

Displaying performance information for the current system.

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